Green Gardener Syllabi

Green Gardener Syllabus #1

Classes Monday 6:00pm – 8:30pm Joslin Education Center 1520 W Carolina Ave, Hartsville

  • Dan Hill: 
    • Plant Pathology and Plant Physiology
    • Solis
    • Hands On-Soil Testing/ Fertilizing Techniques/ Popper Chemical Application
  • Dan Hill:
    • Weeds – Identification
    • Insects – Identification
    • IPM – Cultural/Chemical control

    Susan Harvey:                                        Chris Pierce:

    Plant Propagation                                  Composting Techniques

    Container Planting                                 Irrigation-Turf

    Plant a container to take home

  • Mary Ridgeway:
    • Landscaping
    • Plants – Choosing plants correctly and Identification
    • Pruning

    Lab: Mary Ridgeway:

    Pruning Demos, Plant Identification