Kalmia Gardens Wedding Agreement

Kalmia Gardens Wedding Agreement

Kalmia Gardens OF Coker University

1624 W. Carolina Avenue, Hartsville, SC 29550


Contact: Mary R. Ridgeway, mridgeway@coker.edu

Coker College Safety 843-383-8140 or 843-616-2762




Anyone wishing to use one of the Gardens’ facilities for rent shall fill out and return the Application and User Agreement Form along with the appropriate deposit listed below.


Reservations to use the facilities are limited, and therefore should be requested at least 30 days in advance. Rentals to small group functions such as civic or garden club meetings are welcome. Applications will be reviewed and reservations accepted based upon availability and at the discretion of a review board.


The following rental rates do not include event set-up, catering, or any other ancillary services.  Event set-up and clean-up is the responsibility of the renter.  All service providers who will be on the Kalmia Gardens property must be approved prior to the event. For your convenience, a list of local service providers will be given to you upon the booking of your event.


For rentals, a non-refundable deposit of $200 is required to hold the date and is applied to the balance. The balance is due 30 days prior to the event. For rentals of the Hart House and /or Gardens a refundable damage/time overage deposit of $250. If no damages or time overages occur, the damage deposit will be returned.

Minimum Rental of all facilities is 2 hours

Normal Operating Hours – Weekdays of 9 am -5 pm

Weekday Evenings after 5 pm & Saturday and Sunday


A. Thomas E. Hart House only                                 $200.00 per hour evenings and weekends

$100.00 per hour during normal operating hours


B. Kalmia Gardens only                                                 $175.00 per hour (kitchen additional $50 per hour)

$100.00 per hour during normal operating hours


C. For both                                                                        $375.00 per hour evenings and weekends

$200.00 per hour during normal operating hours

Joslin Education Center                                               $50 per hour

A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to book event

Minimum rental of 4 hours for the Education Center

Joslin Pavilion                                                               $175.00 per hour evenings and weekends
$100.00 per hour during normal operating hours
Special requirements for transportation and restroom facilities


Photography in Hart House                                       $50 per hour, weekdays 9 am-5 pm only. Appointment required


Photography in the Gardens                                      No charge


The renter will agree not to damage the site, cut flowers, shrubs, and trees or alter Kalmia Gardens in any manner. The Gardens cannot be held responsible/liable for damage of property, loss or theft of guest or user belongings. The renter further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Kalmia Gardens and Coker University from any and all loss or damage that may be sustained by reason of injury to any person through the negligent or willful act of the user, or its agents or servants. You may want to hire a security professional for automobile, personal belongings and orderly parking.


The Thomas E. Hart House and Gardens are limited to the number of guests and the time of use. Fire code states No more than 60 people are permitted in the Hart house at the same time.  Approximately 250 people can be easily accommodated for weddings and/or receptions using the porch and outside areas. The house will not be opened due to inclement weather if not rented.


Since we do not have a corkage fee charge, the person(s) renting the facility either personally or through their caterer will be responsible for providing a bartender for the serving of champagne, wine or other alcoholic beverages during the function. The user of the facility agrees to comply with all S.C. laws concerning the providing of alcoholic beverages. It shall be the sole and exclusive responsibility of the user of the facility to oversee and supervise all bartenders to assure compliance with S.C. Laws.


Kalmia Gardens does not provide tents, tables, chairs, dishes, glassware, or tablecloths. Permission for tent placement on the property is required. Installation time, set-up time and take downtime is to be scheduled with the Kalmia Gardens staff. If the caterer, florist or photographer has not used Kalmia Gardens for a function they should make arrangements prior to the event with the Kalmia Gardens staff to become familiar with the facility.

We are unable to open the house for caterers ahead of the allotted rental time, so please coordinate with them the amount of time required.


No candles open flames of any kind in the Hart House or the Joslin Center.  No balloon releases.

Nails, sticky clay or uncovered wire must not be used to secure decorations to the banisters, railings, fireplace mantles, doorways or walls. Make sure containers do not leak. Protective mats must be placed under all hot or cold dishes and punch bowls to protect the dining table and other furniture. Nothing will be placed on the piano lid. Furniture should not be moved without permission. In the garden, votives or other stationary enclosed candles may be used but no Chinese lanterns, luminaries, sparklers, etc.


No driving or parking is allowed on the lawns or walkways. Park vehicles in the parking lot; do not block the driveways. NO SMOKING in the Gardens, the Hart House, the Little White House or the Joslin Education Center. This is a “smoke-free” environment! No dancing in the house or on the porch. No dance floor will remain on grassed areas for more than 24 hours. Hartsville has a noise ordinance; music (live or prerecorded) is not permitted after 10:00 p.m. Running in the house or jumping on furniture is not allowed. Children should be attended by an adult at all times. Birdseed bags or flower petals may be used only outside. Please no rice, confetti, or artificial petals.

Brides renting the Gardens and or Hart House for their wedding may use the Little White House for dressing.


The house and grounds should be left as clean as they were before the event. All rented equipment will be removed from the site unless prior arrangements are made through the Director of the Gardens. All garbage is to be removed from the premises immediately after the function. Flowers/greenery is considered yard trash and should be put into plastic bags and removed. All rooms should be inspected to assure no food, beverages, valuables or debris is left on the property. Failure to do so will result in the loss of the damage deposit. If using a caterer or florist, it is the renter’s responsibility to get a copy of the

Application for usage, user agreement, and policies of Kalmia Gardens for their use.


Kalmia Gardens OF Coker University

1624 W. Carolina Avenue, Hartsville, SC 29550


Contact: Mary R. Ridgeway, mridgeway@coker.edu

Coker College Safety 843-383-8140 or 843-616-2762


Application and User Agreement Form


Name of Renter  _______________________________________________________________


Address ______________________________________________________________________


City _______________________________________ State _________________ Zip _________


Phone Number _______________Cell phone _______________E-mail ____________________


Date & Time requested for rental ________________________________


Minimum Rental of all facilities is 2 hours


House Rental ________ hours X $200 per hour total _________

Garden Rental ________ hours X $175 per hour total _________

Kitchen Rental ________ hours X $50 per hour total _________

Joslin Education Center________hours X $50 per hour total__________

Joslin Pavilion ________hours X $175 per hour total_________

Photography in Hart House_______hours X $50 per hour total__________


Deposit paid ________________________  Date paid ____________________

Balance Due _________________________Date paid_____________________

Security deposit paid __________________Date paid _____________________




I have read, understood and agree to abide by the Policy for the use of the Facilities and User Agreement, Rules/Responsibilities of Kalmia Gardens of Coker University.


____________________________________________ _____________________

Signature                                                                                    Date

Please sign and return this form with your deposit. Thank you.



Kalmia Gardens OF Coker University

1624 W. Carolina Avenue, Hartsville, SC 29550


Contact: Mary R. Ridgeway, mridgeway@coker.edu

Coker College Safety 843-383-8140 or 843-616-2762

Event Information Form


This form is to be completed and returned to Mary Ridgeway 30 days with balance before the event.

Name of Renter ____________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________

Event Date ___________________________Phone Number__________________________

Canopy Rental          Yes___ No___

Canopy Company & Phone Number___________________________________________________

Canopy Size _____________________________­­_________________________________________


Area of Canopy Placement

East Garden _____________________________

Formal Garden _____________________Front of Hart House ________


Rental Accessories (Table, Chairs, Dance Floor, etc.)

Rental Company for Accessories _______________________________________________________

Phone Number _____________________________________________________________________

Will you have a dance floor? Yes___ No___

I understand the dance floor has to be removed the night of the event off the grass onto a hard surface such as the brick.

Placement of dance floor during event? _________________________________________________

Placement of dance floor after event? ____________________________________________________

(The reason it is urgent to remove the dance floor after the event is to prevent heat buildup that could damage or kill the grass)                                     Renter’s initials __________


Florist Name _________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number _______________________________________________________________________

Caterer _____________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number _______________________________________________________________________

What hours will the caterer use the kitchen? _______________________________________________

Renter’s initials __________


Contact the Kalmia staff if any changes need to be made to any information on this form. I understand my rented hour’s are___________ and that I will be off the premises at ______________________ (time).

I understand that all trash will need to be removed after the event. Kalmia staff person will be the only person to handle any electrical needs or malfunctions. I understand if any of these rules are not abided by I can lose my damage deposit.   Renter’s initials ________


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