Mission Statement

Kalmia Gardens of Coker University

The mission of Kalmia Gardens of Coker University is to serve as a public garden, education center, and outdoor classroom where plants and animals can be observed in their natural environment. The gardens shall be maintained and preserved for species diversity and for the benefit of those who visit.


1. To support the mission of Coker University.

2. To develop and maintain the plantings and facilities to support the education and enjoyment by all who enter the Gardens.

3. To study, manage, and conserve this particular part of the Black Creek ecosystem, including the north-facing slope and floodplain.

4. To develop and maintain a collection of plants native to South Carolina and appropriate to the region while removing invasive plants from the grounds.

5. To acquire and to display plants of horticultural significance which will survive in this region.

6. To increase public awareness of the presence of the Gardens.

7. To maintain the preservation of the historical Hart House.