See what’s in bloom now, and what you’ll have to come back to see.

Spring flowers. Branches of flowering apricot against the blue sky. White blossom. Spring background.

Alder, Tag

(Alnus serrulata)

Type: Fruit

Found: Pond margin, Bog Garden


Apricot, Flowering

(Prunus mume)

Type: Flower

Found: Sensory Garden & Parking Lot

Frost Aster

Aster pilosus

(Aster spp.)

Type: Flower

Found: Bog Garden

Gorgeous Clusters of Pink Rhododendron Flowers Blooming

Azalea, Encore

(Rhododendron oldhamii)

Type: Flower

Found: Rhododendron Trail

American Beech1


(Fagus grandiflora)

Type: Nuts

Found: Side yard of house


Burning Bush

(Euonymus alatus)

Type: Leaves, Fruit

Found: Sensory Garden

A close up of a Camellia Japonica in springtime, with a shallow depth of field


(Camellia japonica)

Type: Flower

Found: Throughtout grounds

Yellowish white daffodils with yellow center.


(Narcissus sp.)

Type: Flower

Found: Throughout Grounds

Summer Green Leaves


(Hexastylis arifolia)

Type: Leaves

Found: Throughout Grounds

Tiny Pinecones on Eastern Hemlock Tree

Hemlock, Eastern

(Tsuga canadensis)

Type: Cones

Found: Front yard of house

Holly (Ilex verticillata)

Holly, American

(Ilex opaca)

Type: Flower, Fruit

Found: Throughout Grounds


Holly, Burford

(Ilex cornuta ‘Burfordii)

Type: Fruit

Found: East Entrance


Holly, Yellow

(Ilex sp.)

Type: Fruit

White yellow flowers Honeysuckle or Woodbine. Lonicera japonica, known as Japanese honeysuckle in the garden

Honeysuckle, Fragrant

(Lonicera fragrantissima)

Type: Flower

Found: Upper trails, pond area

Loquat fruit on tree


(Eriobotrya japonica)

Type: Fruit

Found: Bike Path near East Garden

Beautiful flowering Magnolia pink blossom tree.

Magnolia, Saucer

(Magnolia x soulangiana)

Type: Flower

Found: Parking Lot

Oregon grape

Mahonia, Leatherleaf

(Mahonia bealei)

Type: Flower

Found: Around House

Acer Palmatum 'Sango Kaku'

Maple, Coral Bark

(Acer sp.)

Type: Coral Red Bark

Found: Sensory Garden

Pink and White Quince Blossom in the Spring


(Chaernomeles japonic)

Type: Flower

Found: Around Hart House, trails

Wet photinia

Red Tip

(Photinia x fraseri)

Type: Fruit

Found: Front of Cottage



(Rhododendron bakeri x viscoxum)

Type: Flower

Found: Rhododendron Trail



(Rosmarinus officinalis)

Type: Flower

Found: Sensory Garden

Pineapple Sage in Bloom

Sage, Pineapple

(Salvia rutilans)

Type: Flower

Found: Herb Garden & Sensory Garden

Camellia sasanqua


(Camellia sasanqua)

Type: Flower

Found: Parking lot, Purple Garden

American sweetgum tree

Sweet Gum

(Liquidambar styraciflua)

Type: Leaves

Found: Low woods

The trunk, bark, leaves and fruits of Platanus occidentalis, also known as the American, London plane tree. Bark of the sycamore tree. Different colors of the tree trunk. Platan Hispanica.


(Platanus occidentali)

Type: Bark

Found: Behind house, pond

Green tea tree Flower fresh leaves in eco herbal farm. Tree tea plantations in morning sun light. Freshness herbal natural garden farmland. Drinking organic relax. Green tea tree in farm


(Camellia sinensis)

Type: Flower

Found: Foundation of house

fragrant olive

Tea Olive

(Osmanthus fragrans)

Type: Flower

Found: Low Woods

Flowers of trailing arbutus at Valley Falls Park in Connecticut.

Trailing Arbustus

(Epigea repens)

Type: Flower

Found: Near the Creek

Star jasmine in the rain

Winter Jasmine

(Jasminum nudiflorum)

Type: Flower

Found: Upper trails & Sensory Garden

Yaupon Holly Berries


(Ilex vomitoria)

Type: Flower, Fruit

Found: Throughout grounds

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